Inconsistent addresses or phone numbers lead to lower search engine ranking and fewer visitors to your site.

By Jim Shaw

Wondering How to Change Your Business Information on Google?

You've moved your business to a new address. Now what?

Solution: Here Are 4 Tips To Get You Started:

If you want your business to rank well in search engine results, you have to update every instance of your old address (or phone number). So if you've just moved your business to a new location and you're wondering how to change all of the Internet listings and references that show your old address, here are four tips from SEO for Professionals' Internet Change of Address service that can help fix this problem.

Step One, make sure that your site is updated with your new contact information.

Step Two, update your off-site accounts to reflect your new address. Do this for any site you're registered with or listed on.

Step Three, Submit your updated site using Fetch As Googlebot. This will request Google to crawl and reindex your site. Don't forget to request "Submit to Index." For more detailed instructions on this step, see Google's Webmaster Central blog.

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Step Four, Once you've covered the basics, you'll need to start a systematic process that corrects your old contact information on general directories, industry directories, citations, and backlinks.

If you'd rather concentrate on running your business, SEO for Professionals' Internet Change of Address service can take the tedium out of finding and correcting all those places that list your business's old information. It's a time- and cost-effective solution to an all-too-common problem. SEO for Professionals can step in at any point of the process and allow you to focus on the day-to-day demands of your business.

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