Every Website Owner Should Install Google Analytics to Measure ROI and Key Permformance Indicators.

My Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) is Proven Expertise.

The very first thing I recommend to every website owner is to install Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a mission critical application that, in my book, produces useful data from Day One. Best of all, it's a free service.

Simple Question: How can you know if your site does what you intend unless you have a way to measure results? My Simple Answer: Install Google Analytics.

Put another way, how can you measure ROI of you web marketing or online sales without objective measurement of your Key Performance Indicators?

No doubt about, you can definitely install Google Analytics yourself. In fact, if you want to, here's how directly from Google.

And if you're having Google Analytics set up by someone else, first ask them if they have their Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification. The GAIQ is your assurance that they've completed a Google-specified course of study and have passed the GAIQ exam.

With a GAIQ, you're confident that the consultant you choose is well versed in the more technical aspects of Google Analytics and is up to date on its latest features and functions.

One last suggestion: No matter who sets up your Google Analytics, make sure it's set up under a Google account this is under your control (not tied to your consultant's account). That way, if you two ever break up, you have direct and complete control of your intellectual property. If your Google Analytics is already run through your consultant's account, request my white paper that details the steps in regaining full control by emailing me below.

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