10 Years Experience E-commerce Planning, Setup, and Trroubleshooting.

Setting up an e-commerce presence is challenging. Why not go there with someone who has been down that road before? (Several times.) Whether it's implementation and setup, server configuration, store building, online credit card processing, or fulfillment and shipping, I can help you get up and running fast.

And my 5 years in the credit card processing industry means I know how to get your site's credit card payment processing online fast. I have direct experience with numerous e-commerce platforms, affiliate programs, and payment processors. If I haven't used your shopping cart or store application, I can get up to speed faster than you might think - or I have a resource that has already solved a problem like yours. Plus, if your present setup is not quite right, I can help straighten things out.

Right now, in early 2015, I'm evaluating two of the most popular shopping cart platforms in combination with a leading turn-key sales tax module, together with one of the industry's main credit card processors for an implementation later in the year. Read about what I've learned along the way in my blog.

Questions? Email me or call me directly at 214-293-0190.